If you're searching for hemp clothing for sale, you've come to the right place! At Hemp City, we love helping our customers buy hemp clothing due to the breathability and versatility of the fabric. Hemp is a highly sustainable option for those who strive to be more environmentally friendly, and it can be grown almost anywhere with very little water and zero pesticides.

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More About the Hemp Fabric

Hemp is a great material for apparel due to its strength, which is three times that of cotton. For over 10,000 years, hemp has been spun into fiber to make long-lasting clothing that offers a lightweight fit. It's both UV-resistant and mold-resistant making it a popular choice for outerwear and it can be blended with other fibers such as silk or cotton to make specialty garments. As hemp can be grown rather quickly, it's a much more cost-effective material than many others and doesn't have nearly the impact that other fibers do. When you buy hemp clothing, you're buying quality and promoting sustainability at the same time.


How is Hemp Processed?

Manufacturers take the cellulose fiber from the stalks of hemp plants to craft shirts, dresses, hats, and even jeans, as well as rope and canvas, skincare products, paper, and more. The fibers are first separated from the bark and then spun together before being woven into fabric that can be used for numerous applications. Interestingly, a whopping 80% of clothing previous to the 1920s was made from hemp.


Buy Hemp Apparel Products at Hemp City

Our team at Hemp City is passionate about helping our customers understand the many facts about hemp and showcasing how it can be used for everyday products. We have hemp clothing for sale at each of our three locations in California so if you're looking to buy hemp clothing or buy hemp apparel today, shop with us online or contact us to find the right products that fit your lifestyle.