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We offer a selection of broad spectrum products, CBD topical creams, and other broad spectrum hemp oil balms at Hemp City. Our inventory is sourced from the most widely known and respected companies in the Hemp and CBD industries. Shop online now and get the broad spectrum CBD topical creams, and CBD Hemp oil balms you need – at excellent prices!

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Everything You Need To Know About Broad Spectrum Topical Products

Like all other CBD products, broad spectrum hemp / CBD lotions and balms interact with the ECS (Endocannabinoid system).


However, CBD / Hemp topical products work a bit differently than tinctures, vapes, and edibles. Broad Spectrum Topicals are applied directly to a specific part of your body, such as joints or any other problem area. They are then absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream.


Additionally, Broad Spectrum Topicals are different than Full-Spectrum or CBD Topicals. Broad Spectrum topicals, like our topical creams and balms, utilize the whole hemp plant including cannabinoids but removes the cannabinoid THC-9. So, a Broad Spectrum Topical will have 2 or more cannabinoids (including CBD) and no THC-9. 



How Quickly Do Hemp / CBD Broad Spectrum Topicals Work? 

Broad spectrum topical products usually take effect within 30 minutes, and they can last 4+ hours. Because they’re applied topically to your skin, you can target specific parts of your body with CBD & hemp massage oil or hemp CBD lotion. 


For comparison, smoking or vaping Hemp / CBD provides an uptake time of less than 30 seconds. CBd or Hemp oils and tinctures usually work within 15 to 30 minutes, and the Hemp / CBD edibles usually take at least 30 minutes because they need to be digested to take effect. 



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Broad Spectrum Topicals are a great option for targeting specific areas of the body, and with the selection of topical products available at Hemp City, you’re sure to find the broad spectrum topical cream, CBD Hemp oil balm, lotion, or massage oil that’s right for you. Shop online now, or contact us at one of our 3 California locations if you have any more questions or require further assistance.