Papa & Barkley

If you’re on the market for a CBD balm that’s worth your time and money, let us present you with Papa & Barkley. These great balms are the only CBD-infused products you’ll ever need. Check out the best Papa & Barkley products right here at Hemp City.

What Makes Papa & Barkley Products Different?

Papa & Barkley began as an at-home concoction Adam Grossman made for his Dad. Over time, this concoction led to an entire brand of all-natural topical balms and other similar products that utilize CBD at its full potential.


Papa & Barkley are committed to quality, and don’t shy away from an expensive and labor intensive manufacturing process if it means they roll out the best CBD balms on the market. They use whole plant infusion to get the full essence of the plant with heat, water, and pressure, a rather unique approach not every brand embraces.


Papa & Barkley products are a true testament to how the industry should operate. They extensively test all their products to ensure a good quality, and make sure they support local farmers and community. Thanks to this approach, we’ve felt that Papa & Barkley products are the perfect fit in the Hemp City product catalog!



Ready to Shop at Hemp City?

Like Papa & Barkley, Hemp City strives to help consumers makes the right choice when it comes to CBD and hemp products. First, we make sure our store is filled with only the best products in the industry, making all of the more accessible to everyone.


Not only that, but we are committed to education, which is why we offer a lot of resources for anyone interested in finding more about these products. Or, if you need help navigating this industry, please reach out to our customer service team directly, who would love to chat anytime.