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What Makes Procana Different?

Procana Laboratories was founded back in 2013 and has pledged not just to create high-quality products, but also to educate consumers about cannabinoids.


Procana products are manufactured here in the USA to cGMP standards, and each product is rigorously tested to ensure consistency across the board and their signature high quality. Procana are also visionaries of the industries and constantly place a huge part of their efforts into research and development, to perfect their formulations and provide consumers with the best possible experiences.


Because of their dedication to quality and motivation to provide extended consumer education, we’ve felt the Procana products perfectly align with the Hemp City vision. So, if you’re looking to try something new and want to make sure your experience is worth the time and money, Procana products are perfect for you!



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Hemp City is a California-based hemp and CBD company with a simple goal: to allow easy access to the best products this market has to offer.


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